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(Dancing) Our philosophy is singing, and dancing is a way in which students are able to express themselves; it can help ease any stress in their life and gives them a boost of confidence in their own abilities. Through dance, students learn to coordinate and control their bodies and the movement helps them develop spatial awareness. Our classes start at the age of for five-year-old and our oldest student is 87. 


(Singing) From singing, helps students to understand language and sound. It can improve their vocabulary and communication skills.  

EAMC singing instructions, teaches the students how to study and develop their memorization skills that can easily transfer over to other subject areas to help them succeed in school and life. Studying singing instruction helps students discover their own best individual learning styles, giving them a head start on the independent learning skills they will need in more advanced academics. 


Our voice instructions and practice schedules help students develop advanced levels of concentration, determination, self-discipline and responsibilities that will develop their ambition to reach their near distant goals. These are the rare personality traits that will ensure success in all other areas of life. 

Break Dance
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