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Louis attended Los Angeles City College where he received an associate of arts degree in Fine Arts. He transferred afterwards to the University of Southern California and received the first Ernie Freeman Scholarship; this was a full academic scholarship. He graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies and a master’s degree in the Science of Education.

He has utilized his academic training, professional experiences, and devotion in the music industry at various venues; he is also professionally performing in Las Vegas and other cities.

Because of his passion for teaching, he created various cultural arts program for students in his local and surrounding school districts; he is continually engaging in educational events.

His mission is and has been to help the underprivileged youth. There is a high recidivism rate out there, right now, with the youth being confronted with drugs, pregnancy, graffiti, truancy, and destructive behavior. He wants to be a conduit to God and love, for the youth and the community.

His objective is to reach all of Los Angeles and surrounding cities residents with the ECMA instructional cultural arts enrichment programs through the collaboration with Spectrum/Frontier cable public access, which is being broadcasted daily at 3:00 PM on channels 3 & 22.

The program is Guitar Lessons with Louis Lee. You can view one or all our programs on YouTube at:

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