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At an early age, Stephanie understood leadership and passion. She is the oldest and was never reluctant to help or pitch in. Her love of art and music flourished during her fourth grade in elementary school. She played the violin until the sixth grade and the xylophone for special holiday school programs. Stephanie was also a member of the choir during those early years at Deliverance Evangelistic Church. As a native of Philadelphia’s inner city, she recognized the difference art & music had on her and the
children in her neighborhood.

It was both her love of arts and her community that lead her to seek employment in summer camps and after school programs during her high school years. During her time at the Child Psychiatry Center Stephanie was an excellent counselor, always doing her best and leading by example. While easygoing by nature, she was always able to maintain order and respect with her groups. She got along well with everyone at the center. These outstanding qualities gained her the title as head counselor. She is responsible for organizing, directing, and coordinating all group activities and arts events, in-addition to keeping progress reports and meeting with the children’s therapist.

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